Asus eee pc 1215p drivers windows 7 64 bit

Asus eee pc 1215p drivers windows 7 64 bit

   We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience. Click ok and continue to. Ok in this post we8217 re going to talk about some of the best 10 inch windows tablets and mini - laptops available in stores. Several years ago, everyone was crazy about books small and affordable 10 inch laptops that could handle everyday tasks and movies, while nning for many hours. Things have changed now, as books were more or less replaced by tablets, which are more pact, lighter and easier to use, while still being able to do pretty much the same things. Of course, there are many things we could say about the fall of books and the rise of tablets, but in this post we8217 re only going to talk about the 10 inch mini laptops still available in stores these days and the 10 inch slates worthy of your attention. As all similar posts on this article is not a top, it8217 s merely a list of products you might find good enough, based on what you need from such a device and. I constantly update the post, but if you have any questions about certain products that are not included in here, drop me a line in the ments. Anyway, without any further ado, here8217 s what you8217 ll find in this article nobody makes books anymore these days, but there are still some decent 10 inch laptops available in stores and we8217 re going to talk about them. The asus 1015e is the last surviving member of the. 8217 s available in several configurations, selling for between 200 and 300 bucks, and looks exactly like the older eee pcs, with a soft bbery case, a chiclet keyboard. 1 inch 1366 x. The entire thing is powered by an intel celeron processor, with 2 gb of ram and a 320 gb hdd, ns windows 8 and goes on a charge for more. You can use the 1015e for browsing, text editing, some movies and even very light games, and that, the small form factor and the low price makes it a perfect laptop.

  nbyway, you should see this link for more details on the asus 1015e models, including specs, pictures and some users reviews from those who already bought. The acer aspire one aod270 is the only acer book still available in stores, but unlike the asus above, it8217 s exactly how it was when first launched packs an intel atom processor, 1 gb of ram, 320 gb of storage and windows. In non - geeky words, it will be able to deal with light everyday tasks and some movies, but will choke with heavy multitasking, plex software. 8217 s why the d270 isn8217 t exactly worth the 280 asked for it these days details in here, but if you can get it cheaper, it could be. How about the 10 inch books you might find used? Well, i8217 d keep an eye on things like the toshiba nb505, the asus eee pc 1025c or. Or if you8217 re after something a little bit fancier, the hp mini 5103 or the asus 1018p can be some great little machines, with metallic casings, sleek and light bodies and some extra features, like touchscreens or fingerprint. But don8217 t forget that buying used puters can be risky, so only go for these if you8217 ll find them really cheap and you know what you8217. As i was telling you in the beginning, tablets killed books in only a couple of years, as they are more pact, lighter and can handle everything a book could back in the days, from software like office and photoshop, to videos and. On top of that, tablets e with a touchscreen, so at least in theory, are more fortable. They lack a physical keyboard, but you can buy matching ones if you plan on doing a lot of. We are talking about windows based tablets here, which are not as popular as android slates or the ipads, but are more versatile and can n the software you8217 re already familiar with from your pc, if that8217 s something you8217 re interested. Anyway, here are the most interesting 10 inch windows tablets. Asus transformer pad t100 8211 starts at 399 8211 to be updated 8211 see this link for more details in the meantime.

  Dell venue pro 11 8211 starts at 499 8211 to be updated 8211 see this link for more details in the meantime. Microsoft surface pro 2 8211 starts at 899 8211   to be updated 8211 see this link for more details in the meantime. Asus vivotab smart 8211 see this link for more details 8211 it. 4 pounds, it8217. 5 of an inch thick and. 8217 s motorized by an intel atom z2760 processor, with 2 gb of ram and 64 gb of storage and it ns windows 8, which means that it8217 s patible with all the pieces of software you8217 re already using on your pc, from photoshop to microsoft8217 s. Asus also offers a bluetooth keyboard and a smartcover for this one, but those will. Acer iconia w510 8211 see this link for more details 8211 the acer w510 is in many ways similar to the asus. It packs the same hardware, features and a similar screen, in a solid body and a slightly slimmer case than the one. Acer also offers a latchable keyboard dock, with an extra battery and more ports, that pretty much transform the w510 into a small. However, the tablet and the docking sell together for a little bit under 600, and that8217 s a bit expensive. Lenovo thinkpad tablet 2 8211 see this link for more details 8211 this is lenovo8217 s take at a window 8 10 inch business. Much like the elitepad above, this one packs a a digitizer and you8217 ve got plenty of accessories to choose from for it, although not as many. On the other hand, you can get a 4g version of the.

  That aside, this thinkpad tablet is more pact and lighter than the elitepad, without sacrificing the build qlity and the sturdiness. 8217 s also slightly cheaper than the 900, as you can get the tablet for about 470, and the tablet with the pen for about. 8217 re not going to get in depth, i8217 ll tell you more about tablets in some future articles. For now, we should mention some of the other 10 incish tablets worthy of your attention. For starters, there are all the good. If you want something really fancy, the waterproof and extra thin sony xperia tablet z could be it, but it8217 s pricey, starting. At 400, there8217 s the nexus 10, with powerful hardware and a high resolution screen, plus vanilla android, unspoiled by any third party preinstalled apps. 8217 re into samsung, then you can have a look at the samsung galaxy. 1, built on an intel platform, thus capable of nning for a long time. The asus memo pad fhd 10 is an awesome budget pick, stating. For that, you8217 re getting a fhd screen, good performances, decent battery life and great speakers, as you8217 ll find out from my review here. Last but not least, there8217 s the ipad, the oh - so. 8217 m not going to argue if it8217 s better than the android tablets, but i do have to say that it has a couple of aces in its sleeve the vibrant retina display, the sleek body, the ultra - snappy performances and the entire ios ecosystem backing it up, with high qlity apps and many great games especially designed for the high density screen. For me, the ipad is still the best 10 incish tablet you can get these days, but it is pretty expensive, starting at 500, so it might not fit everyone8217.

  What do you think? As you saw, there aren8217 t many options for 10 inch mini laptops these days, but you can still find several ones that sell for. There are however a bunch of 10 inch tablets nning windows that you can get, and these are a bit more expensive, but also more pact and lighter, thus easier to. Last but not least, if you don8217 t really need a tablet for work, the ipad or perhaps on of the top android slates available in stores are definitely. 8217 ll talk more about that in some future posts, like i. Anyway, if you found this post useful, make sure to share it around, there are some buttons on the left side. And if you have any questions, just leave a ment and i8217 ll do. Besides that, if you8217 re looking for more powerful mini laptops, you could also take a look at my lists the remended. 6 inch and. Aright, that8217. Thanks for your time and hopefully this post will help at least some of you pick the best 10 inch laptop or the best 10 inch tablet that can fit your taste, requirements. Very informative. Thanks i think i am going to. Why didn8217 t you review any samsung models though?.

   Andrew, i haven8217 t got in touch with any of them. Also, i do consider them a little bit too expensive for what they can offer, that8217 s why none of them made it into this top great review! 8217 m choosing a book for my birthday and was having a hard time finding a clear cut parison between the top. I think i8217 m going to choose between the toshiba and the asus 1005pe. Does the asus 1005pe - p only e in black and blue? 8217 s what it looks like on amazon8230 yes, only in black and blue for. The 1001p is available in white. I just got the asus1005pe - p and i8217 m mostly satisfied. I wish the keyboard was a bit. 8217 s like you read my mind with the white and pink lol if you don8217 t mind me asking, would you remend the asus 1001p or the 1005pe - m or the toshiba putting aside the price differences? And what8217 s the 1005ha? Thanks for your help! If money are not a matter, i would go for the toshiba like i said. I have the older generation one and am very satisfied.

  This new one. The 1005ha is the older generation 10 inch book. What are the main differences and things to consider between the asus 1005pe - pu27 and toshiba nb305 - n410? 8217 t decide between. Brian, please read the reviews for each of them for more details, there are links next to each. Shortly, i like the toshiba because of the better keyboard trackpad and entire. The 1005pe - pu27 e .


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